Port arrival notifications

Dukhan (137457cm) to arrive Ohgishima ‘Jetty’ from Bintulu LNG at 2023-11-18 04:00:00. Energy Progress (145000cm) to arrive Ohgishima ‘Jetty’ from NWS LNG at 2023-11-18 23:45:00. Pacific Arcadia (145500cm) to arrive Futtsu from Sakhalin II LNG at 2023-11-19 02:00:00. Maran Gas Pericles (173400cm) to arrive Negishi ‘Jetty’ from Queensland Curtis LNG at 2023-11-25 01:30:00. Al Gharrafa (216200cm) to arrive Futtsu from Qatar LNG at 2023-11-25 02:30:00. Tangguh Sago (155000cm) to arrive Himeji ‘Jetty’ from Tangguh LNG at 2023-11-22 02:10:00.