Eikland Energy support clients with energy data, research and analysis for strategy and operations, due diligence assessments and contracting.

The images show examples from transactional analysis, energy market modeling and supply/demand forecasting for oil, gas and LNG.

iGIS/LNG solution overview

Launch of iGIS/LNG

Eikland Energy help client strategy initiation and development:

… providing an external perspective on industry status, technology and commercial developments that coherently integrates the focus and roles of the key functional areas of the firm’s business;

… serving as catalyst by bringing broad industry perspectives and independent insights to help define the premises and priorities of the strategy;

… identifying risks and progress of a strategy, plan, or project, such as technology, markets, internal resources and sustainability.

Mapping capabilities and positions to a realistic strategy
Capability and strategy alignment

Eikland Energy assist clients with strategy implementation. Experience includes global energy sourcing alternatives, risk management and trading concepts, and improved processes for energy sales.

Special methods and OR tools are available for benchmarking of complex functions, such as company peer analysis and LNG and gas trading and scheduling.

Driving the key factors for energy demand.
Visualizing the project process flows and dependencies of a solar Project.

Eikland Energy also offer a range of expert energy market and operational databases and solutions developed over years to support real-world challenges.