LNG database, natural gas analytics and real-time forecasts:

  • Real-time month-ahead (M+1) projections of daily gas flows, cargo
    loadings and discharges for all LNG sites, countries and regions.
  • Liquefaction train availabilities and output, with immediate
    alerts of anomalies and operation state changes.
  • Full ship movement details and projections, with market-leading
    advanced destination probability analytics.
  • Panama Canal congestion and NSR passage forecast to capture delays
    and costs, port and ship lane restictions/availabilities (e.g. Suez.)
  • European UIOLI slot availabilities and cargo matching,
    including small-scale/bunker ship LNG operations.
  • TSO gas daily pipeline flow data and nominations, with LSO and
    SSO storage balances and movements.
  • Real-time weather forecasts and history for 3500+ locations world-
    wide, with 10-day RES (wind+solar) production forecasts.
  • Extensive database with API access to data, forecasts and analytics,
    i.a. historical trade data
    , ownership and LNG contracts+charters
  • Extensive library of dynamic charts and reports, plus price models and
    instant multi-variable 6-month forecast of LNG imports to China. 

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Illustrative LNG project/facility/ship map.

Snap-shot LNG flow forecast (actual image clip.)